Airlink has today 21, April, unveiled its new FlyAirlink App that will make it easier for its customers to book flights, update personal travel needs, review flight status and speak to their dedicated customer service teams.

The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“This intuitive and easy-to-use new App is designed for ease of convenience and efficiency.  We want to make the entire process simple and effortless for our customers to plan their travel, book their flights, check-in and store their digital boarding pass, and monitor the status of their flights or of a flight they may have interest in.” said Airlink CEO and Managing Director, Rodger Foster.

The FlyAirlink app allows customers to:

  • Search and book domestic and regional flights on the go.
  • Manage their travel preferences and payment methods from anywhere.
  • Check in and download digital boarding passes.
  • Monitor flight status and receive real-time flight update notifications.
  • Retrieve details from past trips

Meanwhile, Airlink continues to strengthen its route network adding flights between Johannesburg and Livingstone that is aimed at strengthening connections between South Africa and Zambia with the flights going for sale beginning May, 26.

Airlink will also resume services between Nelspruit and Livingstone from May 1, enabling travellers to visit the Victoria Falls as well as the Kruger Park also connecting on to Airlink’s South African destinations such as Cape Town and Durban.

There is pent-up demand among local and international travellers to visit our region, which is home to some of the world’s most spectacular sights and destinations. With Covid-19 vaccination programmes ramping up in some of our traditional markets, we are seeing the first signs of light after a devastating 2020. Our Livingstone flights together with our recently-launched mainline South African domestic services put some of the region’s key tourist destinations within easy and convenient reach,” explained Airlink CEO and managing director, Rodger Foster.

By Victor Shalton Odhiambo



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