Kenya’s authorities have announced their plans to reopen and ease their imposed COVID-19 related domestic activity restrictions and preventive measures starting from May 1, in an effort to help the country recover from the devastating situation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This means domestic air travel in Kenya is back in business with Kenya Airways and its budget carrier Jambo Jet all announcing their domestic travelling schedules.

Authorities in Kenya have started easing COVID-19 restrictions based on local infections rates and will continue applying international travel, however, entry requirements will be put in place to prevent an upsurge in the number of COVID-19 infections.

Kenya currently permits international travel with theexception of India and the UK that have been profoundly affected by the virus and are considered high risk countries.

All passengers coming to Kenya from the above named countries are required to have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate and a COVID-19 negative PCR test and must self-isolate on arrival for 7 days.

Other existing domestic requirements remain in force. Protective facemasks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and social distancing mandates remain in force. Individuals are encouraged to work from home where possible. Certain industry-specific operating requirements are also still in place.

photo: aviationjoshpictorials

by Victor Shalton Odhiambo



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