Uganda Airlines has announced it will start flying from its hub at Entebbe to Johannesburg, South Africa from the 31st of May 2021.

The news will come as welcome relief to frequent fliers who were robbed of a direct connection between the two countries after South African Airways pulled out of the route as it desperately restructured its network under business rescue in February 2020 in a bid to avoid collapse.

SAA’s former franchise partner, Airlink subsequently took over the route among many other axed SAA routes but eventually cancelled flights due to a due restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Airlink is expected to re-launch direct services to Entebbe in the near future

Uganda Airlines will operate the route 4 times weekly and has announced through social media that prices will start at a competitive $341 return

The Uganda national carrier is awaiting certification for its wide-body Airbus A330 NEO aircraft to start  flying to planned long haul destinations which will include Dubai, London, Mumbai and Guangzhou



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